Discalced Carmelites of the Australia Oceania Region

Retreat Program 2014

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Where are we? 247 St Andrews Road, Varroville NSW 2566

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Saturday Day Retreats & Weekend Residential Retreats 2014

(Saturday Day Retreats are usually held on 1st Saturday of every month  from 10.00 am – 4.00pm)


February 1 Day Retreat

At the Threshold of Teresa 2015

Carmelite Friars introduce St. Teresa of Jesus.

Carmelite Team


February 7-9 Weekend Retreat

‘I want to give myself but who am I?’

Let us ponder the Ignatian daily “Examen Prayer” as an aid to self-discovery and ability to love.

Fr. Gerard Moran OCD


February 21-23 Weekend Retreat

A Breath of Fresh Air

We will examine how the fresh approach of Pope Francis can set us free and help us give joyful witness to Christ.

Fr. Greg Burke OCD


March 1 Day Retreat

Where is God?

Where do we find God in our world today? We look at the role of discernment in St. Teresa and Pope Francis in making decisions.

Fr. Greg Burke OCD


March 14-16 Weekend Retreat

Suffering, Grief, Loss and Prayer

Life changing experiences question the way we see the world and ourselves.

Fr. Greg Homeming OCD & Geoff Stumbles


April 4-6 Weekend Retreat

The wisdom of the blesseds: John XXIII and John Paul II

A preparation for their canonization on the 2nd Sunday of Easter.

Fr. Gabriel Maliakkal OCD & Sr. Nory Ordiz CM


April 5 Day Retreat

Prodigal Son

A presentation of sin, shame and divine mercy in the Gospel of Luke.

Fr. Paul Maunder OCD


April 11-13 Weekend Retreat

Taize Retreat - ‘Wellspring of Hope’

Preparing for Easter with prayer and the music of Taize.

Patricia Watts


April 16-20 Weeklong Retreat

Holy Week & Easter Retreat

The Carmelite community invites you to celebrate with us Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Carmelite Team


May 3 Day Retreat

He is risen!

The risen Lord appears to his disciples. Where do I meet him in my life today!

Fr. Gabriel Maliakkal OCD


May 9-11 Weekend Retreat

The Wound of Love

An exposition of St John of the Cross’ poem ‘The Spiritual Canticle’ which treats of the soul wounded by the love of God going out from all things to find him in the night of faith.

Fr. Paul Maunder OCD


May 23-25 Weekend Retreat

Icon Painting

Come, learn icon painting, leave, inspired with your own icon.

Anna Prifti


June 7 Day Retreat

Come Holy Spirit

Who is this ‘mysterious’ Holy Spirit and how does He work in our lives.

Fr. Aloysius Rego OCD


June 20-22 Weekend Retreat

Artists’ Retreat ‘In the Eyes of the Mystics: Prayer, Vision and Art’

Exploring the relationship between prayer, artistic vision and the imagination.

John Charadia & Fr. Greg Burke OCD


June 27-29 Weekend Retreat

Teresa through her Poetry and Letters

We will trace her journey as revealed in her poetry and letters.

Fr. Greg Burke OCD


July 5 Day Retreat

‘You have kept the good wine until now!’ (John 2:10)

Belief in Jesus causes us to be joyful.

Fr. Gerard Moran OCD


July 6-12 Weeklong Retreat

Gospel Spirituality

Meet Jesus in the Gospels and learn to pray.

Fr. Greg Homeming OCD


July 25-27 Weekend Retreat

The Light of Faith (Lumen Fidei)

Prayerful reflection on Pope Francis’ first encyclical.

Fr. Gabriel Maliakkal OCD


August 2 Day Retreat


The role of work in a balanced Christian life

Fr. Greg Homeming OCD


August 8-10 Weekend Retreat

Men’s Retreat:‘The Crucified is No Stranger’

(Sebastian Moore, OSB)
What crucifixion to resurrection might mean for men in the first part of 21st century Australia.

John Collins


August 22-24 Weekend Retreat

Vocation Weekend

A time to reflect on and pray about God’s plan for me.
Carmelite Team


August 29-31 Weekend Retreat

Artists’ Retreat: ‘Contemplative Living: Exploring Our Inner Vision’ 

Engaging with the artistic process releasing personal creativity and artistic style while exploring the wisdom of the mystics.
John Charadia & Fr. Greg Burke OCD


September 6 Day Retreat

Anchor of the Soul

God binds himself to be faithful to his promise to save sinners and to create in them new hearts.
Fr. Paul Maunder OCD


September 26-28 Weekend Retreat

The “rich mine” of weakness

The hidden life of love of St. Therese gives fresh heart to those who feel insignificant in their lives and their place in the Church.
Fr. Paul Maunder OCD


October 4 Day Retreat

St. Francis and Art

A day of meditation on St. Francis’ life through Australian art.
Steven Miller


October 10-12 Weekend Retreat

St. Teresa of Jesus

The Lord himself taught St. Teresa to pray; we look at the place and role of Jesus in her prayer.
Fr. Greg Homeming OCD


October 17-19 Weekend Retreat

Icon Painting

Come, learn icon painting, leave, inspired with your own icon.
Anna Prifti


November 1 Day Retreat

Love and Beauty

St. Teresa’s poetry, a resource to bring love and beauty to our life of faith today.
Fr. Greg Burke OCD


November 14-16 Weekend Retreat

Teresian Themes

We will explore some themes in St. Teresa’s writings that bear on our friendship with Christ and growth in prayer.
Fr. Aloysius Rego OCD


December 6 Day Retreat

‘Come Lord Jesus’

A day of ‘waiting for the Lord’ by reflecting on his word in silence.
Fr. Gerard Moran OCD


December 5-7 Weekend Retreat

The Transcendentals

Made in the image and likeness of God we are called to model our lives on the transcendental qualities of God.
Fr. Greg Homeming OCD


 December 12 - 14 Weekend Retreat

Preparing for Christmas

Pondering like Mary, we prepare the ‘manger’ of our hearts for Jesus.
Carmelite Team





Mount Carmel Retreat Centre

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